“Guess your motto”

“Guess your motto, was the title of the 8th Workshop organized by Junior Business Club Association (JBC)

Date: August 17-20, 2017, Csernáton (Romania)


The organizers selected the Malomkert tourism center in Csernáton, where participants could enjoy the place of professional and leisure activities away from the noise of the city. Zsolt Karácsony, president of JBC, in the presence of more than 50 participants, greeted the audience with the idea of ​​being open again, getting acquainted with people who motivate them and make all the efforts.

The four-day program focused mostly on professional lectures and discussions, in which Antal Ficz, owner and trainer of Fontium Training & Coaching, assisted the teams. Four worksheets (resources, goals, action, and obstacles) were built up to find their motto.

The lecture started with Levente-József Tánczos, tutor at Sapientia University of Csíkszereda, spoke about the personal objectives, motivation and the testing of our borders. The lawful, loose and outspoken Levente Farkas spoke about the importance of marketing about how start-up entrepreneurs should set aside marketing income, as well as numerous examples of pricing. Emánuel Kállai, a digital worker from GROWWW and online webstore specialist, showed a lot of new features and business models for young people. He talked about artificial intelligence, online sales, and successful examples of web-shop stores. Other interesting speakers were Máté Battay and Patrik Tóth, Business & Café business blog owners, who presented their inspirational story and the most important entrepreneurial values ​​from their point of view. Their main thoughts included “just do it!”, “Do and do it until it fails”, “let’s work for ourselves for a hundred hours more than forty.”  The closing speaker of the camp was Gábor Kolumbán, President of the CIVITAS Foundation and the Living Textile Foundation, entitled “Social Enterprises in Székelyföld”. Social businesses can be built and these are good examples of our society, just like Malomkert.


Our Cluster Management Team, Kinga Kristó and Szende Mihálcz, also took part at the event. Kinga Kristó also was one of the organizers team member, she is doing volunteering since 2010 and this was the 6th time as organizer. This Workshop has strengthened the team and helped a lot in outlining the main objectives of the cluster management.

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