August 18, 2016

About us

Mechanical processing industry plays a significant role in shaping our region’s industrial profile consisting of Covasna, Harghita, Mures and Brasov counties. This industry has the potential to create links with other sectors such as automotive, agriculture, food, aviation, pharmaceutical, woodworking and more.



The objectives of the Transylvanian Mechanical Engineering Cluster:

-development of cluster services and products
-participation and / or initiation of innovative projects, supporting ”innovators”
-developing a coherent cluster policy
-common participation in national and international forums (conferences, fairs and exhibitions, economic events)
-common participation in national and international projects
-developement of national and international economic relations
-developement of cluster marketing
-monitoring grant programs, support for project elaboration
-collaboration with national and international cluster organizations
-developement of the clusters` IT network
-drafting legislative proposals, awereness of current legislation among members
-training of managers and employees
-fundraising for cluster management